Bali Beneath the Surface

Bali: a place that’s either on your bucket list or too good to be true. 

Part of what is arguably Indonesia’s most popular island’s allure is its mystique: remote, pristine, eclectic, and…surprisingly affordable

For a place in the far reaches of the ocean—that can be somewhat costly to get to—its on-island pricing is a pleasant surprise (or at least, it can be). 

Bali is also surprisingly distinctive in culture, people, and tradition from the rest of its home nation of Indonesia. 

So what is Bali? 

At the onset, it’s everything you could ever compile into one ultimate dream vacation; a bucket lister’s paradise. 

But behind the pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, endless infinity pools, and natural, volcanic beauty is a place that holds the capacity to both cleanse and reignite your soul. That’s the Bali you encounter with My1FitLife Adventures

Bali’s Pristine Beaches

Bali: In Front of the Camera

Alright, fine. Undeniably Bali is stunning. There is (almost literally) no other place on the planet that quietly demands to be photographed quite like Bali.

Bali’s Mountains Rise Up in the Distance

Seeming to rise up and tower above the sea from which it flows, Bali’s central mountains dominate and lend an imposing air to the island. 

Bali’s Mount Agung Volcano

While hiking, repelling, and other mountaineering adventures—all My1FitLife Adventures staples—can be found just about anywhere in Bali, nowhere are these feets more impressive, or magnificent, than on Mount Agung, Bali’s tallest mountain (towering 9,440 ft above sea level) that also just so happens to be an active volcano. 

In fact, Bali is home to five volcanoes, three of which are currently active. On top of that, geothermal activities from millennia ago have created about a dozen hot springs scattered throughout the island’s three volcanic zones, which you can visit for an extra dosage of zen relaxation.

But don’t let the image of bubbling geothermal sulfur or furiously flowing lava give you pause. The volcanoes—and surrounding areas—are perfectly safe to hike and explore, even with their active status. And their presence lends an imposing aura to the space that makes it serenely, yet chaotically beautiful. 

Bali’s Volcanoes Lend an Imposing, Yet Beautiful Element to the Island

That endless beauty is serendipitously coupled with a plethora of pastimes:

Beach or private pool?

Secluded Pool at a Balinese Resort

Scuba or snorkel?

Snorkeling in Bali

Pilates or yoga?

Facial or massage?

The answer is all.

Most resorts feature spa-like packages designed to detoxify and relax both mind and body

Grab a Relaxing, Affordable Massage in Bali

Featuring massage, yoga, surfing, or even luxury yachts, Bali resorts compel you to enjoy the island’s holistic nature, a key reason your favorite wellness influencers have no doubt enjoyed the island’s spoils. 

Bali’s Resorts Compel You to Enjoy the Island’s Natural Splendor

And have we mentioned the food? 

Delicious Balinese Food

The island is notorious for offering the freshest fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the cost back home

Delicious, Fresh, Affordable Local Balinese Produce

Vegans and vegetarians will delight at the array of splendid meatless picks, but of course there’s healthy options for the more carnivorously-inclined. 

Enjoy Delicious Balinese Foods, Whether You Indulge in Meat or Not

Regardless, Bali’s abundance of local, fresh options lends itself oh-so-well to Bali’s wellness tourism sector; it’s easy to offer a detox package when the food will be incredible, regardless. 

But if you’re looking to uncover the side to Bali that fuels your soul, you’ve got to get higher than the beach. 

Bali: Behind the Lens

Bali is special—both in general and to My1FitLife Adventures. The ways in which Balinese lifestyle intersects with spiritual healing and limitless adventure speak directly to our mission to push traveler’s out of their comfort zones while using nature and fitness to inspire and make their lives bigger. 


Gate to Balinese Temple

If the classic, albeit imposing temple shots are any indicator, Bali is a deeply spiritual place. 

Balinese Temple Vista

Roughly 90% of the Balinese population practices Balinese Hindu—which is quite distinct from Indian Hindu—whereas the majority of Indonesia’s population is actually Muslim. Not that you must be Hindu to partake in the intensely spiritual awakening that awaits you in Bali, but it’s good to know where a lot of that energy is grounded. 

Balinese Hinduism maintains that all natural things have souls, a critical reason the people are so respectful of the surrounding natural beauty and the land they inhabit. And just as everything natural has a soul and a spirit, so too is everyone welcomed to take part in Balinese Hindu’s vast catalog of rituals, ceremonies, and festivities. 

My1FitLife Bali Adventures Includes Partaking in Bali’s Most Sacred Rituals

One of Bali’s most famous ceremonies is Ngaben, their funeral and cremation ritual. In Balinese Hinduism, the soul of a deceased person is trapped inside their body and must be set free. It is only through a proper cremation ceremony that the soul can then be released into and allowed to spend eternity in the heavens. 

Ngaben—A Balinese Funeral and Cremation Ritual

This ritual, among others, is a critical reason that many mourners visit the island and reap the effects of its spiritual abundance and healing

A My1FitLife Balinese staple is our dawn hike up Mount Agung. We set off in the dead of night to summit the tremendous volcano at dawn and spread ashes of departed loved ones across the mountain’s abundance. 

My1FitLife Bali Adventures Include Summiting Mount Agung at Dawn

In doing so, we allow the magnitude of the experience and surroundings to bring about a release and emotional cleansing. 

My1FitLife Adventurers on Top of Bali’s Mount Agung

Between the ceremonials, surrounding nature, and the essence of the island, Bali brims with an almost transcendent energy. When you allow yourself to partake in these customs, a powerful sense of being abounds and washes over you.

Bali’s Sacred Healing Waters


Balinese culture is rich and steeped in tradition. If you’re not careful, however, you might miss it. 

Bali is Rich in Culture and Tradition

Beyond the resort beach clubs and wellness retreats awaits a humble community of wonderful, kind people who will gladly share their culture and, more importantly, their food with you. 

Balinese Local

While the fresh resort spoils are delightful, save some room for temptations like Babi Guling—a traditional meal of suckling pig that is specifically unique to Bali (Indonesia’s Muslim majority doesn’t partake in pig products)—or Pepes Ikan, fish steamed traditioanlly in banana fronds

Traditional Balinese Meal

Our own My1FitLife Balinese adventure offers a cooking class in which you can learn to make food like a local, a treat your friends and family back home will be eager to taste, as well. 

My1FitLife Bali Adventure Cooking Class

Whether it’s delicious meals at a local hotspot, a friendly conversation with your cabby, or a spiritual connection with a priest, the Balinese people and their culture will leave an indelible impression on you.


One thing we hold incredibly true is that adventure—any sort of boundary pushing—is a catalyst for the most positive change. And to adventure in Bali is incredible.

You can take on staggering waves head first.

You can swim to the depths of the ocean (with the friendliest of creatures).

Snorkel with Rays in Bali

You can repel down a mountain or waterfall.

Repel a Waterfall in Bali

You can hike to hidden waterfalls and breathtaking summits—you can even hike to different temples and receive blessings.

Receive Blessings as You Hike to Balinese Temples

You can make a steep trek in the dead of the night and summit a volcano as the dawn breaks. 

Hike a Volcano to Summit at Dawn

When you push yourself to new limits and step outside your safety nets, something happens deep within you that allows you to level up in the “real”, non-Bali dreamscape world. What’s perfect is that Bali just so happens to offer dozens upon dozens of options to have your YOLO, bucket list moment, to do something wild purely because you’re alive. 

So go off that cliff dive, ride that wave, step onto an actual mountaintop.

Yes, taking that first step over the edge is difficult and daunting. What’s worse is the regret that weighs heavy, because the reward is inexplicable, and you don’t want to miss it. 

My1FitLife Bali Adventurers

Which is precisely why Bali has such a deep resonance with My1FitLife Adventures: with all that Bali has to offer your mind, body, and soul, what better place to take that first step?

Balinese Welcome

My1FitLifeAdventures is dedicated to bringing travelers not just another group trip, but a trip that pushes them outside of their comfort zones and challenges their world perspective. We are determined to bring you life-changing experiences that don’t just allow you to relax, but rather equip you with the tools you need to handle the day-to-day when things get tough. Our holistic approach to nature and adventure will leave you with a stunning new outlook on life.  

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