Torres Del Paine W- Circuit 2023

Nov. 4-11, 2023

Welcome To Your Adventure: There is ALOT of information listed. Please take your time to review everything.

If you have questions, please refer to the bottom of this page as we have FAQ’s for this trip listed. 


About this trip


**Please note, these adventures are planned far in advance, and sometimes things come up that are unforeseen or unplanned. With that forethought, know the group will be accompanied on this adventure by Keith, or Michelle, and/or My1FitLife Ambassador.

We have seen first hand the need for travel insurance. Whether it be flight cancellations, theft, sickness, or pandemic issues, we now require each guest to purchase this. It is a very affordable and could save you a lot of headaches! My1FitLife uses InsureMyTrip, however, please use which ever company you are comfortable with. Please make sure you fully understand your coverage to ensure all aspects are covered. Our guides will need this information for confirming your hotel accommodation. 

Please be sure to inquire and fully understand about the coverage your policy includes in the case of COVID. 

Packing List

Below is a packing video Keith did for the TMB- Click HERE 

• Flight info (required) (Printouts of e-tickets may be required at the border)
• Insurance info (required) (With photocopies)
• Passport (required) (With photocopies)
• Required visas or vaccination certificates (required) (With photocopies)
• Vouchers and pre-departure information (required)

• Camera (With extra memory cards and batteries)
• Cash, credit and debit cards (we suggest having at least $250 cash for guide tips as well as spending money at refuges as you cannot count on debit/cards use)
• Day pack (Used for daily excursions or short overnights)
• Ear plugs/night shades (please respect others sleeping habits. EVERYONE needs a good nights sleep for the hikes each day)
• First-aid kit (should contain lip balm with sunscreen, sunscreen, whistle, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, bandaids/plasters, tape, anti-histamines, antibacterial gel/wipes, antiseptic cream, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, rehydration powder, water purification tablets or drops, insect repellent, sewing kit, extra prescription drugs you may be taking)
• Flashlight/torch (Headlamps are ideal)
• Fleece top/sweater
• Footwear- for hiking and to change into for refuges
• Hat
• Locks for bags
• Outlet adapter
• Personal entertainment (Reading and writing materials, cards, music player, etc.)
• Reusable water bottle
• Shirts/t-shirts
• Sleepwear
• Small travel towel
• Sunglasses
• Toiletries (Preferably biodegradable)
• Watch and alarm clock
• Waterproof backpack cover
• Windproof rain jacket

Health & Safety:
• Face masks (some places could require these)
• Hand sanitizer (required)
• Pen (Please bring your own pen for filling out documents.)

Be sure to check out My1FitLife Adventures Recommended Gear List

Transportation / Accommodations


Again, just a reminder that we need EVERYONE in Santiago by November 3rd. You can book your own hotel or we can assist in that for you. We will then meet as a group and fly out on the 4th together. More information on the flight to come. As mentioned, this flight is not included and will range from $100-$450 p/p depending on how many people we can get to join us. If enough we are looking into a chartered flight. If you are looking to fly out on the 10th, we will not be returning until after 10:30 pm that evening so please plan flights accordingly. 


This hike is HARD

We highly encourage you to use our 3 Month Training Guide which can be found HERE

Trip Outline

If you are coming in early please be sure to make your own accommodations. More specific itinerary will be come available as we get closer to the adventure. 

Nov. 3rd – Arrival Date

Arrive in Santiago (hotel accommodations are NOT included. Please make your own or let us know if you would like to make them for you)

Nov. 4th – Official First Day of Adventure

We will fly out together as a group. This flight is NOT included. It can range from $100-$450 per person. If we can meet minimums we are looking at chartering a flight. MORE INFORMATION TO COME ON THIS

Transfer out to Santiago airport “Arturo Merino Benitez” and flight to Patagonia (3 H 20 M). Welcome to Patagonia by your Local Guide! Transfer In and drive to your hotel in Puerto Natales. Located at region called Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope) , this town is located on the shore of “Señoret Channel”, Puerto Natales was the hub of Chile’s thriving ranching industry in the early 20th century . In the years that followed, it was no more than a stopping off point for expeditions to Torres del Paine National Park. Today the scene is quite different, and you will be amazed to find travelers from all over the world enjoying an endless array of outdoor activi ties, adventure sports and excursions as well as the ch arm of the small downtown area, which is full of fine gastronomy and top rate hotels. 

Check In at your Hotel. Welcome Dinner and briefing about the Adventure. End our services for that day. 

Overnight: Puerto Natales. 

Meals: Dinner

Activity Level: Easy. Drive distance from Puerto Natales to airport : 09 Km/ 6 Miles / from Punta Arenas: 165 Km/ 103 Mil

Nov. 5th – Day 2

DAY 2 (Nov 05/23) – Puerto Natales / Torres del Paine National Park Photographic Overland & Hiking / Central Refuge . 

Early Breakfast. 7 . 3 0 AM. This is the morning for a hearty breakfast because the day to come is all about exploring the wilds of Patagonia. We’re headed to Torres Del Paine. The Torres – soaring, spikey “towers” of granite carved by ancient glaciers – are one o f the signature sights of Chile. We’re headed to part of the park that was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. At the entry to the park, Sarmiento Lake , whose waters are intensely turquoise, signals the theme of the day: water, both liquid and frozen. We start with a stroll to Salto Grande waterfall. We love walking on the Cañadon or Fauna trail s because it puts us in the midst of everything the park has to offer. We see pampas, Magellan forests, waterfalls and glaciers, and a view of the snowcapped Ca mpo de Hielo Sur (the Southern Ice Field). This is the natural habitat of the guanaco, long – legged rheas, endangered Andean deer, and the Andean condor. And we’re likely to spot them during our walk. There are lagoons, too, that are breeding and feeding grounds for a variety of birds. At the top of the trail, the views of the snow – capped mountains are stupendous, and we take our time to absorb it all as we linger over a picnic lunch. Drive to Porteria Laguna Amarga sector and entry to “Las Torres” area a nd arrive to Torre Central o Torre Norte refuge. Later, meeting the staff from “Las Torres” , who going to give you a complete “technical information” about your next expedition at Torres del Paine National Park, “W” Circuit. 

Accommodation and dinner. 

Overnight: Torres del Paine Refuge . 

Meals: B, B L , D

Nov. 6th – Day 3

Hiking Base Las Torres “The Towers” / Central Refuge

DAY 3 (Nov 06/23) – Hiking Base Las Torres “The Towers” / Central Refuge . Early Breakfast. Our Trek Day will begin from refuge Torre Central or Norte . 

The first hour and a half walking is steep with fantastic views of lake Nordenskjöld and Almirante Nieto Mountain (2.670 MASL), with its hanging glaciers until you reach Refugio El Chileno to recover energies and leave your luggage. Then, carrying just a small backpack, you will continue the trail through a millenary Lenga forest (1 hour) until the base of “the moraine” which challenging ascent (45 min), will take you to one of the most impressive lookouts in th e park: “Base of Torres del Paine” where you will have the view of Torre Sur (2,850 MASL ), Torre Central (2.800 MASL), Torre Norte (2.600 MASL) and Cerro “Nido de Condores”. 

Box lunch and time to relax or take wonderful photos from this marvelous place! Back to refuge Las Torres refuge . 

Accommodation and dinner. Overnight: Torres del Paine. Meals: B, B L , D

Activity Level: Hard 10 – 12 hours / Hike: 19.5 Km – 13 Miles). Altitude: Initial: 120 MASL/ Highest: 870 

Nov. 7th – Day 4

Hiking Los Cuernos “The Horns” / French or Cuernos Refuge

DAY 4 (Nov 07/23) – Hiking Los Cuernos “The Horns” / French or Cuernos Refuge . Breakfast. We will star our Hike d ay from refuge Torre Central to Frances refuge. 

About 30 minutes after leaving Refugio Torre , you will notice the sign to take the “shortcut” that leads to Refugio Los Cuernos. The trail goes through the Base of Almirante Nieto Mountain – part of the Paine M assif – , with great views to Nordenskjöld Lake; from December the flora presents different colors specially the “Ciruelillo or Fire Bush” which take its name from the red color of its flowers. After about 6 hours you will get to the Base of Los Cuernos wher e our Refugio Los Cuernos is located . Then for one hour and a half hike extra, we will arrive to our French refuge, considered by many, one of the most charming sites in the whole park, a perfect spot to rest and recover energies the next day challenging t rek “The French Valley”. Arrive to refuge Frances or French refuge. 

Accommodation and dinner. 

Overnight: Torres del Paine. 

Meals: B, B L , D. 

Activity Level: Moderate 7 – 8 hours / 1 4 . 5 Km – 9 Miles). Altitude: Elevation gain 200 m

Nov. 8th – Day 5

Hiking Valle El Frances & Pehoe Lake / Paine Grande Refuge

DAY 5 (Nov 08/23) – Hiking Valle El Frances & Pehoe Lake / Paine Grande Refuge . Early Breakfast. 

The first 2 .5 hours are with some ascents, descents, and views to Nordenskjöld Lake until “Campamento Italiano ” . The ascent goes for about 1 hour and a half until French Glacier lookout, where you’ll be able to observe its hanging glacier and opportunities to observe small avalanches. After that the trail continues until “Británico ” area for another 2.5 hours. A fter 1 hour extra, you will reach the lookout point considered by many as one of the most overwhelming spots in the Circuit: “Mirador Británico”, where you wil l admire: “Paine Grande”, “Cerro Hoja”, “Cerro Máscara”, “Cerro Catedral”, “Cerro Aleta de Tiburón”, “Cuerno Norte”. Th is day is probably one of the best “vistas” day for the all W circuit…Enjoy! The return is the same way back to “Campamento Italiano”, and then we will start our slow hiking down to the sparkling blue Lake Pehoé, where is located our refuge Paine Grande lo dge. Heading down a steep trail and deeper into the valley, you’ll fully live the present moment as you feel the powerful energy flowing through the native L enga tree forest. When you get out of the tree line, a new landscape is in store – an awesome view of the multi – colored lakes and hills. Those lakes and rivers come down from this active glacier gives you the opportunity to hear and see its movements, wit h frequent cracks and carvings. The lakes below, surrounded by mountains, seal the deal on this panoramic view. Here, you will witness an awe – inspiring 360 degrees of the Nordenskjöld, Pehoé and Toro Lakes, and the Paine Grande, Hoja, Mascara, Espada, For taleza, and Aleta de Tiburon Mountains. 

Accommodation and dinner at Paine Grande refuge. 

Overnight: Torres del Paine. 

Meals: B, B L , D. 

Activity Level: Moderate 8 – 10 hours / 21 Km – 13.8 Miles / Altitude: Initial: 120 mts. Highest: 762 mts. Lake altitude: 42 mt

Nov. 9th – Day 6

Hiking Grey Glacier sector / Grey Refuge

DAY 6 (Nov 09/23) – Hiking Grey Glacier sector / Grey Refuge. Early Breakfast. 

Today, you will reach the third milestone on the circuit, the magnificent Grey Glacier. The trail goes aro und Paine Grande, the highest peak in the mountain range (3,050 MASL/10,000 Ft. ), with incredible views of its hanging glaciers. Walking amidst Antarctic beech trees ( Ñ irre), Dombey’s beech ( C oigüe) and Chilean firebush ( N otro), you will reach the first lookout point over Grey Lake, where we will see pieces of floating glacier. We will continue walking in the direction of the imposing Grey Glacier until we reach the Mountain Refuge. 

Accommodation and dinner at Grey refuge.  

Overnight: Torres del Paine. 

Meals: B, B L , D. 

Activity Level: Moderate 6 hours / 1 2 Km – 7 . 8 Miles / Altitude: Initial: 43 mts. Highest: 313 mt

Nov. 10th – Day 7

Optional “Add On” Activity Day: Sea Kayaking Grey Glacier
**Please also think about if you would like to join us on the option activity day for kayaking. We will be sending this information via We Travel. If you choose to participate in it you will need to pay for this on its own as currently we cannot include Add On exursions into your payment plan. **

DAY 7 (Nov 10 /23) – Sea Kayaking Grey Glacier / Navigation Lake Grey / Farewell dinner / Hotel at Puerto Natales. Early Breakfast. 8.00 AM. 

This amazing adventure begins at Grey base camp, located at 10 minutes from Refugio Grey. To begin our adventure…we will give you a wetsuit, boots, waterproof jacket, helmet, skirt, life jacket and a paddle with built – in gloves. We will receive a safety briefing with necessary information such as how to paddle, how to act in different scenarios, the route to follow and weather conditions. Our first level certified guides will accompany you throughout the excursion helping, advising, answering questio ns and everything you need for an unforgettable experience. We will sail in an area of icebergs, which often get stuck in the bay, forming an unrepeatable scenario. We will go to the east face of the glacier, getting to be approximately 100 meters from its walls. The return is made by the same route, completing a total of almost 6 kilometers (4 Miles) of paddling . 

The excursion includes a snack and hot drink s. Back to the refuge and lunch. According to our schedule, we will take the Catamaran “Grey III” and navigate around the fac es of the Grey Glacier for 2 hours 30 minutes approx. Then we will disembark and walk to catch our private transportation to Puerto Natales per 2 hours and 30 min approx. 

Accommodation and farewell dinner at Puerto Natales. End our services for that day. 

Overnight: Puerto Natales. 

Meals: B , L, D. 

Equipment Includes: Neoprene suit, Paddle Jacket, Neoprene Boots, Skirt, Life Jacket, Paddle and Snack. Note: This activity has a weight restriction limit of 103 Kilos/220 Lbs. This for safety issues aboard the kayak. 

Accommodation and dinner at Puerto Natales . End our services for that day. Overnight: Puerto Natales . IF YOU ARE NEEDING TO LEAVE ON THE 10TH, PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT BE BACK IN THE AREA FOR THE AIRPORT UNTIL 10:30 PM. 

Nov. 11th – Day 8

Transfer OUT Puerto Natales & Punta Arenas & Flight to Santiago

DAY 8(Nov 11/23) – Puerto Natales / Flight to Santiago / End of Adventure . 

Breakfast. Leisure time around Puerto Natales or relax at your Hotel. Private transfer out from Puerto Natales Airport “Teniente Julio Gallardo” or Punta Arenas airport “Carlos Ibañez del Campo” , according your flight booking . Flight direct to Santiago ( 3 hours 30 minutes). 

Arrive to Santiago airport and end of our Adventure. 

Flyback Home or keep travel around Chile taken the tour extension s to Lake District North Patagonia, Central of Chile “ Wine & Pacific Coast ” , Atacama Desert & A lti plano , or Easter Island Rapa Nui. 

Activity Level: Easy. 

Drive distance from Puerto Natales to airport: 09 Km/6 Miles / from Punta Arenas: 165 Km/ 103 

Meals: B, L, D. Activity Level: Moderate 3 hours / 6 Km – 4 Miles

Trip Includes


Activity transportation – Private transportation for all activities indictated in Itinerary

Accommodations – 6 nights. Nov 3rd is NOT included. 

Meals – Meals indicated in the itinerary

Activities Included – Guided hikes, Ice hiking on Grey Glacier, Ferry to Pudeto area, entrance National Park Torres del Paine

Not Included
  • Airfare/train transportation
  • Meals and/or snacks not included above
  • Trip Insurance – Trip Insurance is NOT included and you MUST have it.
  • Kayaking
  • Flight to/from Puerto Natales
  • Any additional meals and beverage not listed 


Spending Money

Every traveller is different and therefore spending money requirements will vary. Some travellers may drink more than others while other travellers like to purchase more souvenirs than most. Please consider your own spending habits when it comes to allowing for drinks, shopping and tipping. Please also remember the following specific recommendations when planning your trip.


Emergency Fund

Please also make sure you have access to at least an additional USD $200 (or equivalent) as an ’emergency’ fund, to be used when circumstances outside our control (ex. a natural disaster) require a change to our planned route. This is a rare occurrence!

Departure Tax

Usually included in international air ticket- check with your travel agent


While conventions can vary from country to country, tipping is customary in Europe. A general rule is 10% of the bill for wait staff, and a smaller amount  for other service providers.

Tipping is an expected – though not compulsory – component of your tour program, and an expression of satisfaction with the persons who have assisted you on your tour. Although it may not be customary to you, it is of considerable significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels. There are several times during the trip where there is opportunity to tip the local guides. You may do this individually, or your CEO will offer to collect the money and tip as a group. 

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