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Welcome to the WWR Adventure Planning Page! We recommend that you add this page to the home screen of your phone for easy and convenient access. This page will be your go-to page for all information regarding the trip. If after reading this, you still have questions please email us at Events@My1FitLife.com

Updates will be listed in this area with the date so you don’t miss anything. 

About this trip

My1FitLife Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Adventure 

With this being a popular and amazing trip we knew we needed to get this one back on the books!! Now is your chance to make it happen!

Why not combine the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon with the powerful, exhilarating Colorado River to create the ideal western trip? The Grand Canyon river tour is the premier white water rafting trip in the American West. This trips combines world class white water with breathtaking scenery to make one unforgettable river experience.

Your trip begins at the Marble Canyon Lodge, in Arizona, where you spend the first night preparing for your trip. That evening you will meet your guide for an orientation meeting where you can ask questions and get any last minute items. You can also purchase beer and wine at Marble Canyon.

The following morning you pack your duffel bag and depart for Lee’s Ferry where the boats will be waiting for you. After your bags are packed on the boat everyone gets on and your rafting trip begins.

The following days you will run exciting rapids like Houserock, Hance, Hermit, Granite Falls, Crystal, Lava Falls, and many more. You will see beautiful side canyons and swimming holes including Little Colorado, Elves Chasm, Deer Creek, Havasu Creek, and Travertine Falls. Each morning you will be greeted by the beautiful song of the Canyon Wren and the smell of hot coffee brewing in the kitchen. Your guide will prepare you a hot breakfast every morning which includes fresh fruit and fruit juice. For lunch you will have sandwiches with all the trimmings. Tour West provides cold water and lemonade at all times as well as candy bars and fruit for snacks during the day. At night all your gear will be unloaded, this includes your personal duffel bag and your cot. While you are setting up your camp your guide will be preparing a hearty dinner of steak and potato or chicken and pasta. Each dinner also has a vegetable with a fresh tossed salad and your choice of dressing. After dinner you are free to explore the canyon or sit on your cot and watch a beautiful sunset and listen to the music of the river. The last 34 miles of your trip are spent traveling between the sheer walls and graceful tiers of the upper stretches of beautiful Lake Mead. At trip’s end, you will be transported to Las Vegas airport by bus.

We have seen first hand the need for travel insurance. Whether it be flight cancellations, theft, sickness, or pandemic issues, we now require each guest to purchase this. It is a very affordable and could save you a lot of headaches! My1FitLife uses World Nomads, however, please use which ever company you are comfortable with. Please make sure you fully understand your coverage to ensure all aspects are covered. Our guides will need this information for confirming your hotel accommodation. 

Please be sure to inquire and fully understand about the coverage your policy includes in the case of COVID. 

Packing List

If you missed the Zoom video, please take time to watch the recording HERE

The following list suggests items you should bring for your trip. When packing please keep in mind that:
1. You must limit your gear to 25 pounds (this is required by the flight & helicopter company). We highly recommend only packing 20 lbs to be on the safe side. 
2. Your bag should be a soft side duffle bag that is approximately 12”x13”x24” in order to fit in our 16”x33” dry bag we provide you. Our sleeping bag will also fit into this bigger dry bag with your duffel during the rafting trip.

CLOTHING ITEMS—all items are strongly encouraged to prepare you for a wilderness experience. Water clarity can vary from clear to silty. Clothing can become discolored. Please pack accordingly.

– Two-piece rain suit (Not just for rainstorms. Water temperatures average 50 degrees year round. Quality rain gear offers protection against cold water when running rapids—especially early in the mornings.)

– 2-3 swimsuits
– 2-3 quick-drying shirts (with at least 1 being long sleeved)
– 2 pair of lightweight shorts, pants.
– 2 pair socks in case of sunburn or foot injury
– 1 lightweight quick dry hoodie (for sun protection)
– 1 pair quick-drying pants (for sun-protection)
– Underwear
– 1 sarong or other wrap-around (for sun protection and to keep cool)
– Lightweight fleece top
– 2 pair, sturdy sandals or multi-sport shoe that can get wet with good tread and support for hikes (Keen, Teva’s, Bedrock or Chaco’s are examples).
– Comfortable footwear for camp (some guest prefer flip flops others prefer light-weight tennis shoes) o Hat for sun protection with string or hat clip
– Comfortable lounge-wear for camping and sleeping
– Gloves for protection while gripping ropes


Transportation / Accommodations

Transfer from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon Lodge (best to arrive day before -June 18th if possible) & catch shuttle 10:00am at Las Vegas Airport to Marble Canyon Lodge.

Your trip meets in Marble Canyon, Arizona. There are several options for getting there.

OPTION 1: Driving to Marble Canyon, Arizona

Marble Canyon is located in the Northeastern corner of Arizona on Highway 89A. Marble Canyon is 281 miles from Las Vegas and from Phoenix it is 272 miles. While you are on the river trip you may park your car across the street from the Lodge. This is not a secured parking lot. Tour West is not responsible for those who choose to park their cars in this lot. While this is not a secured lot we have not had any trouble with our passengers parking their cars there in the past.

OPTION 2: Charter Flight from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon. Most people prefer to fly into Las Vegas and transfer to Marble Canyon via charter plane. Grand Canyon Airlines reserves the right to charge a gas surcharge fee before you board your flight. 

For those of you taking this flight please plan on arriving in Las Vegas no later than 12:00 p.m. the scheduled date of your trip. This will give you enough time to pick up your luggage and check-in for your flight to Marble Canyon by 1:45 p.m.

**To meet for this flight please go to the information booth outside the one baggage claim area at McCarran airport. The baggage claim area is in Terminal 1. Approximately 20 feet from the booth is a set of escalators with a sign above them reading, “Level Zero” please proceed down the escalator to level zero and out the door to where the shuttle buses are and locate the bus. Your shuttle bus will be there to meet you between 1:45 p.m. The shuttle bus will have logos that say Grand Canyon Airlines, Grand Canyon Helicopter, Scenic, and Papillion and should be located either at or near spot 16. You will board the bus and then be shuttled to the Boulder airport. From there you will board your plane for a flight for Marble Canyon. Please make sure to meet your representative by 2:00 p.m. pacific time. Please note: the FAA requires anyone who is 18 + years to present photo ID for this flight. The air crafts used: 19 passenger Twin Otter and 9 passenger Cessna Caravan aircraft.

PLEASE NOTE – Option Three is an Add On to the package. If you would like to book this, please log into your We Travel account to add this option. 

Marble Canyon lodge is located across the street where you are dropped off at. 

Important Forms

Tour West requires that each passenger complete Acknowledgment of Rick Form as well as Passenger Information Form. You can return the forms to:

Tour West

PO Box 333 Orem, UT 84059

Fax to 801-225-7979 

Or Email to Tourwestrafting@gmail.com

You can also send your forms to Tiffani at Events@My1fitlife.com if that is more convenient. Please do not text photos of the signed forms. 


No training is needed for this adventure. 

Trip Outline

DAY 1 (SUNDAY June 19th)- We recommend you fly into Vegas on June 18th. 

Meeting at Marble Canyon Lodge

Your trip meets in Marble Canyon, AZ. You will spend the first night at the Marble Canyon Lodge. Your motel accommodations are included in your package. 

We will have an orientation meeting in the evening. The location of the orientation meeting can vary so when you check-in the person at the front desk will let you know where this meeting will be held. At the orientation meeting you will receive some of the gear you will use on the river such as a dry bag which you will load your personal bag into. You are on your own for your dinner this night and breakfast the next morning. There is a small restaurant located at Marble Canyon.

DAY 2 – DAY 6 (June 20 – 24th)

Start our Adventure

Day Two-Day Six: A van provided by Marble Canyon Lodge will pick us up in front of the motel in the morning and transport us 6 miles to Lee’s Ferry where we will meet our river guides and launch on your river trip. Once we push off from Lee’s Ferry you will be given a boat and safety orientation by your guides that will include how and where to sit on the rafts, how to hold on, and safety precautions while on the river and in camp.

From there you will start your adventure through the Grand Canyon. Each day you will run exciting rapids such as Hance, Granite, Hermit & Crystal, explore unique side canyons such as Elves Chasm, Deer Creek and Havasu Falls, be treated to delicious meals, hear and see some of the history and geology of the Canyon from your very knowledgeable guides and generally enjoy the majestic grandeur of the Grand Canyon. Each night you will camp on cots under the stars along the beaches of the river.

DAY 7 Morning (June 25)

Raft then helicopter Flight out Canyon

On the final morning you will leave camp and be on the rafts for a short time before arriving at the helicopter pad at Whitmore Wash.

Day 7 Afternoon

Departure for Home after 4:00pm

Take your flight home or stay in Vegas for more adventure fun on your own. 

Final day of rafting then back to the airport. If you are flying out this same day make sure you are departing AFTER 4:00pm. We would recommend taking an extra day in Las Vegas to get a shower or two and relaxing then flying out following day, but this is up to you. 

Trip Includes

  • 1 Night Lodging * 1st night accommodations at Marble Canyon Lodge
  • Transfer * Transfer to river from lodge
  • Welcome Dinner * Welcome Group Dinner
  • River Sightseeing * Sightseeing river trip
  • River Guides * Expert guide service
  • Camping Equipment * Complete camping equipment (cot, sleeping bag, foam pad, waterproof duffel, eating utensils, tent, chair)
  • Meals * Three meals per day, plus snacks
  • Transfer * Transfer to Marble Canyon Lodge via Shuttle from Las Vegas and back to Las Vegas
Not Included
  • Airfare * Airfare to and from Las Vegas
  • Meals * Additional Meals and/or snacks not included above
  • Trip Insurance * Trip Insurance is NOT included



BEVERAGES: We provide cold lemonade and water all day on the boat and in camp in the morning & evening. If you wish to have any other beverages (soda, juices, alcohol, etc.) you must supply your own. Hard liquor should be in plastic containers. Soda, beer, and any additional beverages must be in aluminum cans (NO GLASS). Your beverages will be stored away by the guides during the day and available to you in the evenings. You may want to mark your cans on the top with a permanent marker. You can purchase beer, wine, and soda at the Marble Canyon Lodge, however, hard liquor is not available there.

VALUABLES: You will want to have photo ID, a major credit card, and some cash for gratuities. All other valuables and jewelry should be left at home or in a safe location.

GRATUITIES: It is customary upon receiving a satisfactory trip to tip the river crew. It is an acknowledgement of a job well done and greatly appreciated by members of the crew. If you feel a tip is in order, the average runs between 10%- 12%. You may leave it with the trip leader and he/she will distribute is among the crew. We recommend bringing $250-$350 cash for tips. 

LUGGAGE STORAGE: If you are taking the charter flight from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon additional luggage can be stored with Grand Canyon Airlines for a fee. You will be shuttled from McCarran Airport to Boulder, NV where you will be able to leave your luggage. You also fly there at the end if your trip and can pick up your luggage before you are shuttled back to McCarran Airport. You cannot leave any luggage with us in Marble Canyon as we have no facilities to store it in, or to have it brought to meet you at the end of the trip.

CAMERAS & VIDEOS: We encourage you to bring your cameras with you on your trip of a lifetime! Please keep in mind there is alot of water and sand And you will need to properly protect your camera. If you bring a phone as your camera we recommend a waterproof case similar to these at Seawag. www.seawagusa.com. If you bring a DSLR we recommend you bring them in a pelican case with a few carabiners to secure it to the raft. Also plan on bringing a portable power bank and a charger as we do not have a way to recharge your cameras. You are welcome to bring a Go Pro Camera. Please make sure you bring a strap for it! Drones are not allowed in the National Parks.


1. Who will our guides be?

Tour West feels that we have the best guides in the business. Our guides are all whitewater qualified with an average of fifteen years and hundreds of miles of river experience. Each guide is an accomplished outdoors person with wilderness first responder training, a background in natural history and the ability to make each river trip special and memorable.

2. Where and when will I get my river and camping equipment?

Your waterproof duffle bag, small day use dry bag, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, sheet, small water-resistant bag and cup will be available when you meet your guide at orientation the first night. Your cot and tent will be available at the first night’s camp. We recommend you only set up a tent if there is a threat of rain. Nothing beats sleeping under the stars!

3. What items will I have access to during the day?

Every morning your waterproof bag containing your sleeping gear and clothing will be loaded on the boat and packed away for the day. Your small dry bag is used to store any of the items that you will need to get to during the day, such as sun screen, hat, camera, water bottle, etc.

4. What is the menu like?

We take pride in offering well-rounded meals that are very appetizing with sufficient quantities for everyone. Breakfast items include many traditional favorites from pancakes to omelets, fresh fruits and juices. Lunches are a favorite for many with a variety of deli meats and cheeses, salads, chips and cookies. At the end of the day you are ready for a hardy meal expertly prepared under a western sky. You’ll have fresh salads, chicken, steak, side dishes, and of course, desserts. All meals include water and lemonade to drink. 

NOTE: If you have a special diet or allergies, please inform us of your specific needs so that we can determine how to best accommodate you.

5. Where will I bathe? The rivers always cold, 50 degrees Fahrenheit which makes bathing in the river challenging. Some campsites have great beaches for bathing while others don’t so we encourage you to bring baby wipes or face wipes. If you are comfortable bathing in the river be ready to brave the cold. We recommend you jump in quick, jump out, lather up, jump in, quick rinse, jump out. Leave in conditioner is helpful with longer hair. Lotion is also great after a bath as the air is extremely dry. Although the water in the side streams is generally warmer and it may be tempting to bathe there, soap is strictly prohibited and only allowed in the main river. We do not recommend you bring solar showers because they are difficult to store and difficult to use on the river.

6. Why is the water so cold?

The river water is released from Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell. The water is taken from deep in the lake and is approximately 50 degrees. It only warms up about 1 degree every 20 miles.

7. What about bugs and snakes?

The Grand Canyon is a very friendly place to camp. Being a desert environment, mosquitoes and flying insects are not generally a problem. Snakes and scorpions are seldom seen. Most trips will have the thrill of seeing Desert Big Horn Sheep and many varieties of canyon birds.

8. Can we expect rain?

We never know for sure when it will rain, so even if you are taking a mid-summer trip be sure to bring a two piece rain suit! Ponchos are not recommended.

9. What are the toilet facilities like on a river trip?

During the day, all urine must go directly into the river. Which means squatting/standing near the river’s edge or wading in. There will be pit stops during the day, but if you have to go tell the guide so they can find a good place to pull over. If you need to poop during the day, the guides have a portable toilet system. Each evening we set up a camp toilet for solid waste, while urine continues to go into the river. At the hand wash station we have a “key” so you aren’t disturbed while using the toilet. The guides will explain the details of the sanitation and bathroom procedures in greater detail during on-river orientation.

For women who may be on their period while on your river trip, it’s helpful to plan ahead and pack for the unexpected. If you will be using tampons, bring a ‘Go With Your Flow Pack’ or several Ziploc bags and plenty of baby wipes. Make sure you keep these supplies handy during the day, in your provided day dry bag. When you change during the day, you can wrap the trash in a baby wipe, put that in a Ziploc and dispose of it in the boat trash system. As you will get wet a lot on your river trip, using pads is not recommended.


The Grand Canyon is a land of extremes and it can get very HOT.

Luckily, there are easy and convenient ways to cool down. The water that flows out of the bottom of the Glen Canyon Dam is a chilly 50-degrees and does not warm up much along the way. Jumping in the water is a quick solution to cool down. In addition, here are a few tips to help you beat the heat on hot summer days:

  • Set up your cot near the river and skip the tent to enjoy the breeze off of the cold river water.
  • Drink water! Be sure to hydrate continuously throughout the day, drink plenty of electrolytes and eat salty snacks. Listen to your body and notice the color of your urine; it should be a light yellow and well-hydrated folks likely will need to use the restroom at each rest stop.
  • Cover up! One of the best ways to keep your skin cool is to keep the sun off of it. We recommend bringing a lightweight, light-colored, breathable UPF long sleeve shirt. Long sleeves may make you sweat a bit more, but the sweat will help cool you down.
  • This one is a staff favorite! Bring a sarong, bandana, and/or cooling towel. These are great multipurpose items to have on the river. Use to keep the sun off your skin or dunk in the cold river water and wrap them around you – instant relief.
  • Get wet! Take a quick dip when you’re pulled over, this is especially important before side hikes. You can also dunk your clothes and hat in the river if you are getting warm in between rapids. If you are hot at night, get your shirt or sarong wet and lay it over
  • Reapply sunscreen and lip balm frequently. In addition to being pretty uncomfortable, a sunburn can also make you feel warmer.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. The wide brim will shade your entire head and neck. This makes a huge difference when you are spending all day in the relentless desert sun.
  • Take breaks in the shade. If possible, find a shady spot during lunchtime or on side hikes to sit for a few minutes. Chances are you will be able to relax with an amazing view.page1image31302080
  • Cotton camp clothes. A comfortable cotton t-shirt and shorts or dress/skirt feel great after a day on the river! 
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