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We enjoy our hikes in TMB hikes so much, we decided to put together an adventure where you can enjoy without having to hike and stay in mountain refuges. This adventure you will be staying in hotels and doing day hikes...so every night back at your hotel. We are excited as this will be a great way to see the area around Mont Blanc and also enjoy shorter day hikes! The French call her "La Dame Blanche." To Italians, she’s "Il Bianco." And to all who set out to tame her, she is known simply as "The Big One." Towering above the already towering Alps, Mont Blanc commands respect. This trip puts committed travellers with excellent fitness on intimate terms with the ceiling of Europe, rewarding all-comers with strolls through quaint alpine villages, hearty dinners, relaxing spa visits, and some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful mountain scenery you’ll ever see. Prepare to be challenged, awestruck, and amazed. **Please note, these adventures are planned far in advance, and sometimes things come up that are unforeseen or unplanned. With that forethought, know the group will be accompanied on this adventure by Keith, or Michelle, and/or My1FitLife Ambassador.


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Day 1

Date : October 9, 2021

Time : 12:00 am

Welcome To Chamonix France

Day 1 Chamonix
Arrive at any time.

Today is arrival day, so there are no planned activities and you may arrive at any time throughout the day (please note that check-in at the hotel is usually around 2-3pm). After the meeting, choose to join your CEO and travel companions for an optional dinner in a local restaurant.

The lovely hotel in the centre of Chamonix has everything we need to enjoy the area and get a good rest before and after our hikes. The interior of the hotels are all in wood, giving them a very typical alpine atmosphere.

In the evening, we have our first opportunity to try some alpine specialties in a typical restaurant. It will be hard to choose from such delights as cheese fondue, tartiflette, or raclette, perhaps accompanied by some famous "Vin de Savoie" wine.

Look out for a message from your CEO at the hotel reception detailing the time and location for an important meeting in the evening, during which you will meet your CEO and fellow group members, as well as complete some admin and learn more about the trip. If you arrive late, no worries, your CEO will leave you a message about where they can be contacted and when to meet the following morning.

Meet Your My1FitLife Ambassador and Group

Your opportunity to meet your My1FitLife Ambassador and fellow travelers, and learn more about your tour. Opt to join the group for a local meal afterwards. Don't forget to see the notice in the lobby (or ask reception) for the official time and place to meet up with the group.

Below is an example of the hotel we may use in this city. For the actual hotel your specific departure will be using, please check your voucher.

Day 2

Date : October 10, 2021

Chamonix Valley L'Aiguillette des Posettes trail

Day 2 Chamonix
Enjoy a full-day hike into the Chamonix Valley's L'Aiguillette des Posettes trail.

Today we head out for our first hike. With splendid views across the Chamonix valley, the L'Aiguillette des Posettes trail takes us through alpine forests dotted with impressive rock formations. Take in the picturesque sight of Mont Blanc along the way.

Hiking the Chamonix Valley
L'Aiguillette des Posettes6h-7hFull Day8km

Today we will head out in the Chamonix valley for our first hike. We will hike up the steep-sided valley for splendid views across to the peaks and glaciers. The ascents and descents on this day are quite long but the ground is relatively easy. We gain height gently in switchbacks, on a narrow trail across mountain turf and rock. There are superb views across to Mont Blanc, and the relatively easy ground underfoot make this an easier day than the elevation gain may at first suggest. Please note the hike can change depending on weather conditions.

Elevation gain: 850m (2,788 ft). Highest elevation: 2,201m (7,221 ft).

Pointe Isabelle (or similar)

Meals included:

Day 3

Date : October 11, 2021

Explore Chamonix - Free Day Explore

Day 3 Chamonix
Enjoy a free day to explore. Opt to take a breathtaking cable car ride up the Aiguille du Midi pinnacle, visit the Mer de Glace, take a walk through the Ice Cave, or go for a dip in the local thermal spa.

Taking a break from our walking, we'll spend today exploring the Chamonix region with various optional activities to suit everyone's interests. Why not take a recommended cable car ride up the famous Aiguille du Midi and across the glaciers to Punta Helbronner in Italy? Or if you want some excitement, opt to join a rafting trip, or go parapenting - these activities are available and bookable locally and your CEO will have suggestions for where to do this.

For a more relaxing day, you can choose to stay at resort level and enjoy some local hikes in the area or perhaps visit the local leisure centre.

One good hike in the area starts in Les Praz by the pretty medieval church.

Don't miss the chance to try some of the local specialty food that this region is famous for in one of the town's many excellent bars and restaurants!

Free Time
ChamonixFull Day

The perfect location for some down time, the Alps are right on your doorstep today. Relax and enjoy the mountain scenery or explore the area around Chamonix.


Pointe Isabelle (or similar)

Meals included:

Day 4

Date : October 12, 2021

Chamonix to Courmayeur walk

Day 4 Chamonix/Courmayeur
Set out on a full-day walk and arrive in Val Veny. Take in the amazing panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes, including a view of the Italian side of Mont Blanc.

We travel this morning through the Mont Blanc Tunnel, crossing the Italian border to the town of Courmayeur. Here we will drop off our bags and head out for a day hike in Val Veny, with spectacular views up the valley.

Our hotel in Courmayeur is cosy and atmospheric, a traditional Aosta Valley structure with ample recreational space, including an outdoor terrace and garden for soaking up some of the mountain sunshine in the summer months.

Private Vehicle
Chamonix – Courmayeur30m

Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Val Veny Hike

Explore magnificent and wild Val Veny and enjoy some superb views of Mont Blanc and the Brenva glacier. There are a couple of options for more challenging hikes if some of the group want to take them.

Elevation gain: 820m (2,706 ft). Highest elevation: 2,020m (6,627 ft).

Hotel Cristallo (or similar)

Meals included:

Day 5

Date : October 13, 2021

Free Day - Explore Courmayeur

Day 5 Courmayeur
Enjoy a free day to explore Courmayeur. Opt to take a spectacular cable car ride to Pointe Helbronner or enjoy a day of relaxation at the Pré St Didier spa.

Enjoy a free day in the Courmayeur region to take advantage of some optional activities, such as taking a bus to La Palud, followed by a magnificent cable car ride to Pointe Helbronner and back. Your CEO will let you know more about other options such as mountain biking, hiking, a day visit to the town of Aosta, or a bit of indulgent relaxation at the wonderful Pré St Didier Spa.

Free Time
CourmayeurFull Day

Explore and enjoy the delightful mountain town of Courmayeur -- wander the cobbled streets and stop off at some of the markets.

Hotel Cristallo (or similar)

Meals included:

Day 6

Date : October 14, 2021

Courmayeur/Val Ferret

Day 6 Courmayeur
Enjoy a day walk in the Val Ferret for fabulous views of the Italian side of Mont Blanc. Descend via the village of Planpincieux.

It's another walking day today as we stretch our legs on a fabulous route, setting off up the steep winding path into the Val Ferret and then around the flank of the hillside to where a magnificent panoramic view of Mont Blanc awaits.
Day Walk through Val Ferret
Courmayeur5h-7hFull Day10-16km

Walk to the village of Villair from Courmayeur and up a zig-zag path (steep at times) to Rifugio Bertone, a mountain hut situated high above the Courmayeur Valley, where we stop for a refreshing cold drink. The path then contours around the flank of the Mont de la Saxe, where we enjoy a picnic lunch at an elevation of 2,000m (6,561 ft), with magnificent views onto the south face of Mont Blanc. The spring flowers on this route are absolutely superb. Descend to the Planpincieux valley.

Elevation gain: 776m (2,546 ft). Highest elevation: 2,000m (6,561 ft).

Private Vehicle
Val Ferret – Courmayeur

Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Hotel Cristallo (or similar)

Meals included:

Day 7

Date : October 15, 2021

Day hike Les Praz then night transfer Chamonix

Day 7 Courmayeur/Chamonix
Travel to Les Praz. Enjoy a day hike with views of Glacier d’Argentière, Pic du Midi, and Mont Blanc. In the evening, return to Chamonix.

This morning, travel from Courmayeur back to Chamonix. Hike all day above the Chamonix valley for magnificent views of the Grandes Jorasses, the Dru, and the Mer de Glace glacier.

In the evening, try out a local Chamonix brewery for a farewell hearty dinner and a pint of lager made from glacial fed water!

Hiking the Chamonix Valley
Les Praz-de-Chamonix – Plan Praz6-15km

Walk up a zig-zag trail through trees to La Flegere. Then continue the hike in true mountain terrain at 1850-2000m with some steep steps up/down and some boulder fields. From Plan Praz descend to Chamonix by a scenic cable car. It's a tough day of hiking, but the views are extremely rewarding.

Elevation gain: up to 1,080m (3,543 ft). Highest elevation: 2,021m (6,630 ft).

Private Vehicle
Courmayeur – Chamonix30m

Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Pointe Isabelle (or similar)

Meals included:

Day 8

Date : October 16, 2021

Travel from Chamonix

Day 8 Chamonix
Depart at any time.

Departure Day
Full Day

Not ready to leave? My1FitLife Adventures can help with travel arrangements to extend your adventure.

Meals included:

  • Accomodations
    1 night accomdation in Chamonix before trek starts.
  • Meals
    Meals indicated in the itinerary
  • Activities Included
    Guided hike of TMB
  • Airfare
    Airfare Not Included
  • Travel Insurance
    Trip Insurance is NOT included. We REQUIRE Trip Insurance now for ALL our Trips. It will give you the peace of mind if something unexpectedly was to come up, it would be covered.
  • Alcoholic Drinks
    Alcoholic drinks, personal expenses, and tips
  • Other Meals
    All Meals not included in the itinerary you will be responsible for them.
  • Accommodations
    Accmodation other than night before Trek Starts.

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